Construction & Infrastructure

Construction Site

Stay on top of your construction project by monitoring its progress. Add value by including our 3D modeling service, which would visually detail your progress. Your client gets a weekly or monthly visual update of the work being performed. Less time babysitting and more time focusing on your project.

Infrastructure Inspections

Increase your safety ratings and enlist Winston Aeronautics to provide structural integrity inspections. We can provide varied imagery to help you determine damaged areas.


Our drones allow for safe and easy monitoring of problem areas on bridges. With our 30x camera zoom capability, we can quickly and effectively inspect bridges. Provide you with pictures and videos to help you assess damage levels. Helping you to minimizing time waste and eliminating risks associated with traditional methods of inspection.


Enlist our service to monitor tunnels for water leaks and cracks which over time can reduce the structural integrity of your asset. These checks will help you determine the useful life and overall health of the asset.


Let us deploy our drones to inspect your building roof top and windows for anomalies. We’ll fly over and around your building and inspect for damages. With inferred cameras, we’ll provide data on heat loss areas and gas leaks.